Client Cases

• Transformation and modernization of LED highways lighting
• Installation of charging stations for cars
• Modernization of the Charleroi Metro
• Expansion of the landing strip of Charleroi Airport



Our goal is to promote smart mobility by delivering innovative solutions for traffic management, travel security and the decrease of greenhouse gasses emissions.

We help you meet tomorrow’s challenges by implementing new systems facilitating all transportation modes, from urban mobility to air travel.

Client Cases

Modernization of ventilation systems •
Energy management in European institutions •
Coordination of public building sites •
Stability calculation of durable buildings •



How do you provide answers to the ever-growing demand for housing and building, while drastically reducing the construction sector’s carbon footprint? This is a challenge in which many construction companies are already engaged.

Our engineers help you make the most of the latest findings in this field from study to execution :

• Life-cycle assessment
• Stability and structure design efficiency
• Energy efficiency
• Water efficiency
• Materials performance
• Operations and maintenance optimisation
• Waste reduction

Client Cases

• Construction of new wind turbines
• Maintenance of gas compression stations
• Dismantling of obsolete nuclear units
• Modernization and maintenance of nuclear power plants
• Construction of new high voltage lines



During the last couple of decades, energy consumption has skyrocketed at the same time as stricter environmental rules are being enforced.

This creates a formidable challenge that our experts help you tackle by guaranteeing an increased supply of energy while reducing your carbon footprint:

• How to switch to renewable energy ?
• How to make your facility more energy efficient ?
• How to make the best usage of decarbonising technologies ?
• How to further accelerate the development of smart electrical grids ?

These are only some of the questions we can help you find an adequate answer to. Our engineers can help you in the development of tailor-made energy saving solutions.

Client Cases

Satellite production •
Maintenance of the production of a steel plant •


Process & Technology

A shock wave is taking place in the shape of a new industrial revolution which is reshaping the very foundations of many industries. This revolution is bringing down the walls between industry sectors and shifting the boundaries between suppliers, producers and consumers, or even between whole industries.

Our teams of experts provide you with efficient solutions to adapt to this accelerating redefinition of boundaries between industries.

You can count on our expertise in the following industries:
- Food & beverage
- Automotive
- Railway & Aeronautics
- Life Sciences
- Chemicals


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